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Ontario County

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Old Mill Builds For You or Creates Custom Kits

Old Mill Lumber provides design-build services for your homestead. We're builders by trade and spent years building custom homes in Texas. We keep horses and understand the issues.

For DIYers, we offer barn and shed kits cut from our logs or yours.

Old Mill can also help with digging post holes and general site preparation using a small tractor, excavator and Bobcat.

Consultation is always free and references are available upon request.

Marrowback Cabin

Cabin in the woods with sleeping space and a fine front porch.

Marrowback Cabin Loft

Loft area with sleeping for two. Four windows allow ample cross breezes.

Site Preparation

Site preparation and timber relocation.

Springwater Shell

On-site frame construction using rot-resistant species without pressure-treated chemicals.

Springwater Shiplap Siding

Custom shiplap siding can be manufactured in a variety of species.

Springwater Rear View

Optional lean-to roof adds significant covered storage space at low cost.

Springwater Front View

Shed interior measures 21 ft wide x 14 feet deep x 8 ft tall door opening.

Rush Pole Barn

Large 48' x 80' pole barn under construction in Rush, NY.

Rush Pole Barn

Crane is helping to set the roof trusses on the 48' x 80' Rush pole barn.

Rush Pole Barn

Finish work underway on the 48' x 80' Rush pole barn.

Springwater 24-Foot Tractor Bridge

Tractor bridge spans 24 feet and is a full 8 feet wide. Shown before gravel ramp construction and without optional curbs and handrails.

Springwater White Oak Walkway

Walkway fabricated from local white oak trees that exhibit natural rot resistance.

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